Friday, 3 June 2016

Britains fav astronomer

Britains fav astronomer

Friday, 4 June 2010

From Doogs ‘Mom’

Doogie will not be blogging for the foreseeable future. Doogie was bought for my son by my parents but had lived with me from his first day with us. My son does not live with me as I have been battling cancer for since 2008 and have not been able to give my son the level of care he needed so Doog was a major joy in a dark time for me. But now my Mom and son want him to live with my son and as I have no legal right to Doogie who am I to argue. Doogs is very happy with my parents and Ben so he is fine but I can no longer continue to help him with his blog as I have no words anymore.

This is not an easy entry for me because Doogie has been such a major part of my life and I love him very, very much.

So for now his blog is closed.

Doogie & Molly’s Mom

Please check out Molly’s blog as that is most definitely still going strong