About me

My name is Doogie but lots of people just know me as DTWP! That's my Moms nickname for me 'Doogie The Wonder Pup. This is a tad misleading as I am nearly 16 months old now, I am about to become a foster brother as Mom has been accepted as a foster Mom for dogs from The Little Dog Rescue based in Deal Kent. They do brilliant work rescuing small dogs and rehabilitating them, nursing them back to health and a lot of times showing them how to be dogs because a lot don't know how. We are going to foster older doglets as small bouncy ones scare me cos I am a bit of a wuss according to my Mom and Daddy Steve.
I like nothing more than cuddling up with people and doing my special 'death by Doogie' snuggles thats where I cuddle you with one paw each side of your neck and smothering you with my head and neck................ luckily most people I do it to don't mind at all. I often go and stay with my Nanny and Granddad as my Mom has to have special medecine at the moment as she has something bad inside her, I don't really know exactly what it is but she has no hair on her head at the moment which makes her look very strange but I still love her lots and that is what matters.