The Divine Miss M's Bio

Molly is a 12 year old Yorksire Terrier who came to  LDR from a home where she has lived all her life. She was diagnosed with Diabetes 6 months ago which is managed with twice daily shots of insulin and unfortunately she has lost her sight as a result. Her owner has a toddler and was finding it impossible to manage little Molly's needs and those of her toddler.
Molly also has now been confirmed as having Cushings and was started on Vetoryl. Molly is now in her forever foster home being loved and pampered. She lives with Doogie The Wonder Pup and his Mom and Dad. She will need medication for the rest of her life and as she has LDR sponsor dog status all her veterinary bills will be covered by LDR with the help of active fundraising and the general public making donations towards her care and the care of other sponsor dogs.
Molly is a happy little girl and is fairly independant she can make her way round the home without bumping into too many things, she can take herself out to the garden but has trouble coming back in as the steps from the lawn are rather deep. She loves a nice cuddle and if you have been out of the room for a little while when you come back in she does 'Gosh I am so happy you are back' dance. She is one of the sweetest little dogs in the world and most of the time you don't know you have her.