Saturday, 1 May 2010

Today so far I is mostly

not impressed. I woke Mom up at silly o’clock way before 6am and we came down and Mom let me out. As I went out I looked up and big,huge raindrop plopped right in my eye. I DIDN’T LIKE IT ! ! so I am feeling grumpy character%20dog%20grumpy_2_5x3_4_1670 I hope I feel less grumpyfied later on.

Tatty bye

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Friday, 30 April 2010

Right now I is sad

Mom just went into the kitchen and Molly-Pops had done a tinkle on her tinkle mat but it had run off the edge a quite a lot ( it was a large tinkle ) Mom said oh dear Molls and started to clean up but when we turned round sweet Molls was scrunched down low cowering and looked very scared. Mom just picked her right up and told her not to worry it didn’t matter one bit and spoke softly to her while cuddling her. It made me very sad to see Molly like that and I can’t imagine what she has been through to make her scared like that over a wee. I have been very lucky living where I do where I am loved and spoiled, I am going to do my best to make my big/little sister feel safe and loved because she is lovely and sweet and I love her and she deserves it. If I ever meet her last owner I am going to bite them hard on the bum. So watch out whoever you are ‘cos’ your bum is mine now, no one hurts my sister.


Doogie The Very Cross Wonder Pup

Today I is mostly

bewildered. I woke up later than normal which makes me feel out of sorts and then Molls was mega bouncy when I got downstairs and I don’t do bouncy when I have just woked up. Daddy Steve was home but he went back to bed again which was odd. Mom had to go to the Dr to collect Molly’s tablets and she left the house but came back as she had forgot her pink talking thing. Now I don’t like it when anyone leaves my house but I hate it when Mom goes out so I was barking fit to burst and Molls was joining in as well so it was a bit mad then. Mom then left again but she left her purse behind. She is a bit scatty my Mom but she got Molls pills came back got her purse and went to the doglet goodie shop to buy our food. She came back with lots of food, some sausages, some mouth fresh treats for Molls and a chewy hide footballs for me and some bells. When we go in the garden Mom shakes bells so Molly can follow us and it is working well. She goes down the back door step really well now ( when she wants to ) and she goes up the deep steps to the path pretty good now too and she can hop over the teeny wall ok now also. Thing is she will not come back over she just puts her front paws on the wall and looks pathetic until Mom picks her up. Mind you Mom is a bit of a soft touch…….lol.

Daddy Steve went out this afternoon and he isn’t home yet and I miss him but after he left me, Mom and Molls all had a snooze on the sofa, Molls and me kept getting woken up though Mom was making the strangest noises, a bit like a piggy it was very annoying. I even thought about nibbling her nose to wake her up but she woke herself up with an extra loud noise and Molls and me got some peace then. We have had our tea now and Molls is settled down with her pigs ear and I am laying next to Mom on the sofa as usual. I think Mom and daddy Steve are planning to give a bath in the next couple of days …….. well if I let them I guess it depends if they are going to let me have toys in the bath or not.

Anyway that’s all for now. Hope you all have a spiffy weekend.

Tatty Bye


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Thursday, 29 April 2010

This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

It has been an odd-ish kind of day today, Daddy Steve came round very early and then Nanny and Granddad popped in as well but they didn’t stay long. Mom took The Divine Miss M to the doctor person today and she came home without her and I got scared, I thought she wasn’t going to come home and didn’t like that thought at all. But Molly – Pops had to stay there for special blood tests, Mom has to go back there tomorrow as they didn’t have all of Molls medicines. It would not be too bad if Mom had one of those wheely things like Granddad but she doesn’t know how to use one.

Mom doesn’t mind too much though if it is for us, she would walk there if she had to. She is very tired tonight though because of the running around. My Uncle Fred and Aunty Wilma came round tonight to Miss M and they adored her but I got a little over excited ( and a bit miffed she was getting so much attention if I am ‘onest’ ) and got a bit jumpy which made Miss M a little scared and she growled at me and Mom sat me down and gave me a good talking to. She did forgive me though because she said I am still quite young and I didn’t mean to scare anyone. I have to confess I did give Mom the I am really sorry look, you know the one imagesit looks a bit like this ! It usually works rather well but I am genuinely sorry . I really like Aunty Wilma she is so nice and gives me lovely cuddles and Uncle Fred is pretty cool as well but I do like a lady woman as you know….WOOF-O !

Mom also bought us some nummy pigs ears today and Molly kept running off with my one which was cheeky and I didn’t mind too much today ‘cos’ of where she had been. Mom got her another couple of funky shirts but they are a bit small for her so she needs to get the next size up silly Mom. But they are cute and she will get them at the weekend but they look like this.Photo0520 The spotty one has a dinky little hood but I don’t like her having it up as I can’t see her cutiefiedness.

Right now Molly is sprawled half on/half off her bed and she looks well cute as you can see.


Doesn’t she just look so comfy and chilled out ?

Oh Oh I nearly forgot my new pool arrived today and it is so much bigger than my old one I can’t wait to use it. This is it .


I have one half here and one half at my Nanny’s house, I think I am a lucky pupster don’t you ?

I had a really long snuggle with Mom this afternoon I was laying on my back in her arms and I so comfy I went to sleep and so did Mom it was lovely and I really enjoy our special moments. Mom gave Molly one of these special cuddles as well today and Daddy Steve took a photo of Molls laying on her back with her girly pup bits showing to the world tut tut she can be a bit of a strumpet I think but I still love her and so does everyone who meets her.


I have spared Miss Molly’s blushes by hiding certain areas.Mom says please excuse her being in her jammies and woolly hat but her head does get chilly.


Now isn’t that one of the sweetest things you have seen ?

Mom was very surprised tonight when she checked my blog stats as I had a visitor from somewhere called Beverly Hills, she seemed quite chuffed about that for some reason and I have had someone from Singapore, quite a few people from Canada, lots from Texas which Mom is stoked about as she loves it there. Right I am off to bed now Sweet dreams every one.

Tatty Bye

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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wordless Wednesday – Good Golly Miss Molly has settled in very well.









Love ‘n’ Licks



Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Me and My Shadow

It has been a lovely sunny spring day today and I have been in and out of the garden all day long. I am trying to encourage The Divine Miss M to use the steps and she uses the back door one now and then. Mom is thinking of sorting out a ramp to make it easier for my Molly Pops. For a dainty little lady she sure has a good appetite and nearly always finishes her grub before me, I am now eating at the same time as Molls and Mom is really pleased with me. I almost snuggled up to her on the sofa but then I got all shy and didn’t, Mom says I am a wuss but I need to adjust as I am not used to having girlies around is all and Mom should hush up. Oh I must say for a blind girl Molly can sure find any grub that falls Mom managed to drop a teeny bit of bread dough when she was making some today and Molly was on it like a shot, she beat me to it !Oh heck got to run now as Mom has just walked in with fresh, warm home made bread…………Yummo !

Tatty Bye

            Love ‘n’ Licks


Monday, 26 April 2010

Me, Mom & Molly’s 1st day

I have now been at home with Molly for a whole day now and it has been weird. I am so not used to having any other doglets around but it isn’t horrid just odd. I will share my sofa with her but only if Mom is in the middle, I am still a bit scared of her as she is so different. She has slept a lot today and Mom stuck one of those jection things in her and she didn’t even cry she is so hard ! I cry like a girl when I have them and she got another one of them tonight from Daddy Steve now that’s what I call a woman, Woof O ! !

Mom and I went to the shops on our own as Molly isn’t keen on walks where there is noisy traffic but she seems happy to pootle in the garden. She was very pleased to see us when we got back and she did the ‘ohhhh I am happy your home dance’ and I wasn’t ready for that and I growled at her but I did say sorry really quickly. We have been in and out of the garden and Molly Pops has managed the back step quite a lot but can’t go up the ones to the grass. Tonight she hopped over the weeny wall by the grass but she was helped by me behind her and Mom holding some chicken in front of her nose. There is nothing wrong with her sense of smell although she doesn’t seem to notice the ones that come from her behind.

I have tried to get her to play with me I threw my mouse at her and then I gave her my squeaky Santa but she showed  no interest. I spect she is past playing but mom says that’s not it but it is ‘cos’ she can’t see.

I am getting braver and Mom managed to get one or two photos, This is my favourite one though.


What do you think ?

I still get Mom and her bed all to myself at night as Molly prefers to be downstairs and that’s nice as that is my special time with Mom.

Ohh Molly snaffled one of my green chews last night and she did a mahoosive green poop today it was so funny to see the look on Mom’s face when she went to get rid of it, I just rolled on the grass laughing.

Anyway I am off for my walk with Daddy Steve soon so I need to get ready.

Tatty Bye


               Love ‘n’  Licks



Sunday, 25 April 2010

Home again

Well I am home and Miss Molly was here when I got back she had her nose in her food bowl in the kitchen. So I had a mad run round having a good sniff at all the new beds that have appeared. Mom let Molly in and she came right towards so what did I do ? Did I Go and say hello ? No I ran away jumped on the sofa and hid behind Granddad like a complete wuss. I gradually got braver and came down when Mom took Molly in the garden for a wee and I followed them and promptly ran round peeing in all the places Molly has been and I somehow managed to wee on my front paw. What silly pupster I am . We have had a wander around and Molly did growl at me when my nose went to close to her girly wotnots so I hid behind Mom. I have a feeling she will tell me off if I get to forward with her but I am only young still so I will learn I guess. I do have the advantage in that I can get on the window sill and Molly can’t, I can also get out in the garden a lot easier than her but I think in time she will be fine with the steps and will be chasing out with me. I have had a cuddle on Mom’s lap and Molly was on the sofa next to Mom .

YAY Molly just went down the back door step all on her own she is so clever and so brave I think I would want Mom to carry me everywhere but not The Divine Miss M she is an independent lady I think. Mom has just told me Molly started to have a wee and then smelt where I had been earlier so she walked while still weeing to where I had been. I think we are going to have a competition who make make the most smells in the garden. Mom says when she gets some good pictures of both us I can put some on here. I think we will get on just fine. Ohhhhh she has just pinched my big chew the minxy madam

Anyway I am off for snuggles with Mom now.

Tatty Bye


             Love ‘n’ Licks