Friday, 30 April 2010

Today I is mostly

bewildered. I woke up later than normal which makes me feel out of sorts and then Molls was mega bouncy when I got downstairs and I don’t do bouncy when I have just woked up. Daddy Steve was home but he went back to bed again which was odd. Mom had to go to the Dr to collect Molly’s tablets and she left the house but came back as she had forgot her pink talking thing. Now I don’t like it when anyone leaves my house but I hate it when Mom goes out so I was barking fit to burst and Molls was joining in as well so it was a bit mad then. Mom then left again but she left her purse behind. She is a bit scatty my Mom but she got Molls pills came back got her purse and went to the doglet goodie shop to buy our food. She came back with lots of food, some sausages, some mouth fresh treats for Molls and a chewy hide footballs for me and some bells. When we go in the garden Mom shakes bells so Molly can follow us and it is working well. She goes down the back door step really well now ( when she wants to ) and she goes up the deep steps to the path pretty good now too and she can hop over the teeny wall ok now also. Thing is she will not come back over she just puts her front paws on the wall and looks pathetic until Mom picks her up. Mind you Mom is a bit of a soft touch…….lol.

Daddy Steve went out this afternoon and he isn’t home yet and I miss him but after he left me, Mom and Molls all had a snooze on the sofa, Molls and me kept getting woken up though Mom was making the strangest noises, a bit like a piggy it was very annoying. I even thought about nibbling her nose to wake her up but she woke herself up with an extra loud noise and Molls and me got some peace then. We have had our tea now and Molls is settled down with her pigs ear and I am laying next to Mom on the sofa as usual. I think Mom and daddy Steve are planning to give a bath in the next couple of days …….. well if I let them I guess it depends if they are going to let me have toys in the bath or not.

Anyway that’s all for now. Hope you all have a spiffy weekend.

Tatty Bye


             Love ‘n’ Licks




kalon said...

it isn't bath time without toys, I think we'll give little miss Molly her bath first, then you and me can have big bath plays. what do think little mate?