Monday, 26 April 2010

Me, Mom & Molly’s 1st day

I have now been at home with Molly for a whole day now and it has been weird. I am so not used to having any other doglets around but it isn’t horrid just odd. I will share my sofa with her but only if Mom is in the middle, I am still a bit scared of her as she is so different. She has slept a lot today and Mom stuck one of those jection things in her and she didn’t even cry she is so hard ! I cry like a girl when I have them and she got another one of them tonight from Daddy Steve now that’s what I call a woman, Woof O ! !

Mom and I went to the shops on our own as Molly isn’t keen on walks where there is noisy traffic but she seems happy to pootle in the garden. She was very pleased to see us when we got back and she did the ‘ohhhh I am happy your home dance’ and I wasn’t ready for that and I growled at her but I did say sorry really quickly. We have been in and out of the garden and Molly Pops has managed the back step quite a lot but can’t go up the ones to the grass. Tonight she hopped over the weeny wall by the grass but she was helped by me behind her and Mom holding some chicken in front of her nose. There is nothing wrong with her sense of smell although she doesn’t seem to notice the ones that come from her behind.

I have tried to get her to play with me I threw my mouse at her and then I gave her my squeaky Santa but she showed  no interest. I spect she is past playing but mom says that’s not it but it is ‘cos’ she can’t see.

I am getting braver and Mom managed to get one or two photos, This is my favourite one though.


What do you think ?

I still get Mom and her bed all to myself at night as Molly prefers to be downstairs and that’s nice as that is my special time with Mom.

Ohh Molly snaffled one of my green chews last night and she did a mahoosive green poop today it was so funny to see the look on Mom’s face when she went to get rid of it, I just rolled on the grass laughing.

Anyway I am off for my walk with Daddy Steve soon so I need to get ready.

Tatty Bye


               Love ‘n’  Licks




kalon said...

You are a very good boy for sharing Doogs, I'm sure Miss Molly appreciates your efforts. I am so proud of you. xx

Dory and the Mama said...

What a very good sharer you are being Doog!!