Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Me and My Shadow

It has been a lovely sunny spring day today and I have been in and out of the garden all day long. I am trying to encourage The Divine Miss M to use the steps and she uses the back door one now and then. Mom is thinking of sorting out a ramp to make it easier for my Molly Pops. For a dainty little lady she sure has a good appetite and nearly always finishes her grub before me, I am now eating at the same time as Molls and Mom is really pleased with me. I almost snuggled up to her on the sofa but then I got all shy and didn’t, Mom says I am a wuss but I need to adjust as I am not used to having girlies around is all and Mom should hush up. Oh I must say for a blind girl Molly can sure find any grub that falls Mom managed to drop a teeny bit of bread dough when she was making some today and Molly was on it like a shot, she beat me to it !Oh heck got to run now as Mom has just walked in with fresh, warm home made bread…………Yummo !

Tatty Bye

            Love ‘n’ Licks