Friday, 30 April 2010

Right now I is sad

Mom just went into the kitchen and Molly-Pops had done a tinkle on her tinkle mat but it had run off the edge a quite a lot ( it was a large tinkle ) Mom said oh dear Molls and started to clean up but when we turned round sweet Molls was scrunched down low cowering and looked very scared. Mom just picked her right up and told her not to worry it didn’t matter one bit and spoke softly to her while cuddling her. It made me very sad to see Molly like that and I can’t imagine what she has been through to make her scared like that over a wee. I have been very lucky living where I do where I am loved and spoiled, I am going to do my best to make my big/little sister feel safe and loved because she is lovely and sweet and I love her and she deserves it. If I ever meet her last owner I am going to bite them hard on the bum. So watch out whoever you are ‘cos’ your bum is mine now, no one hurts my sister.


Doogie The Very Cross Wonder Pup


kalon said...

Don't you worry matey, if I ever meet the people that were mean to Miss Molly, I shall bash them very hard on the nose, so they'll have a sore bum and it'll hurt when they sneeze too. people who hurt doglets should be bashed and have their bottoms bit!