Friday, 4 June 2010

From Doogs ‘Mom’

Doogie will not be blogging for the foreseeable future. Doogie was bought for my son by my parents but had lived with me from his first day with us. My son does not live with me as I have been battling cancer for since 2008 and have not been able to give my son the level of care he needed so Doog was a major joy in a dark time for me. But now my Mom and son want him to live with my son and as I have no legal right to Doogie who am I to argue. Doogs is very happy with my parents and Ben so he is fine but I can no longer continue to help him with his blog as I have no words anymore.

This is not an easy entry for me because Doogie has been such a major part of my life and I love him very, very much.

So for now his blog is closed.

Doogie & Molly’s Mom

Please check out Molly’s blog as that is most definitely still going strong

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday









Monday, 31 May 2010

Meditation Monday

I have had a nice couple of days with lots of cuddles from nanny. Have seen lots of Tommy as well which is tiring. It is very odd without Daddy Ben here as there is no one making lots of noise…. he calls it singing personally I think he sounds like those blessed felines that yowl so much.

Nanny is a little concerned about my Mom again I think as she spoke to Daddy Steve today and I don’t think my Mom is feeling too good again. It’s a shame as I was hoping to see her really soon and if she is feeling poopy I will have to wait longer until I see her .

Anyway that’s about it at the moment I think Molly has more going on in her life at this time than I do, hope she is alright I am missing her you know.

Tatty Bye

            Love ‘n’ Licks


Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sneaky Sunday

Right Gramps is out but he won’t be long so I am going to have to type fast. I am having a pawesome vacation at nanny’s house. Getting major fuss-age and cuddle which is always acceptable. I am seeing lots and lots of my cousin Tommy and we are having great fun running about and playing like mad thing from mad-top-ia and then sleeping like logs together. I am missing Daddy Steve, Mom and Molly but I will see them very soon. Daddy Ben went away yesterday and I miss him lots when he isn’t here however he will be back soon as he has only gone to his Dad’s for a few days.

    I am feeling like I missed out yesterday because of not being able to blog hop properly, I look forward to meeting new friends and was sad not to participate fully. Well paws crossed for the next hop any how.

Apart from Playing with Tommy and getting really spoilt not much has happened really.

Tatty Bye

             Love ‘n’ Licks


Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bother & Confound it

Gramps didn’t go out after all today so not been able to get on yet again today except for now when he is shut in the wooshing room where he is sitting on the woosher I don’t know it’s proper name all I know is peeps sit on it then get up press a little handle and it goes woosh. This is something it will be doing any second so I had best dash. Gramps is going out for certain tomorrow so I will be able to get on properly then so until then. Hope you all had a good blog hop

Tatty Bye

        Love ‘n’ Licks


Saturday Blog Hop

Wow this week has gone by real fast I can’t get over the fact it is blog hop Saturday again. I will do a full post last when Gramps is out and I can sneak on his pooter without the chance of him catching me as I will be in big trouble if I am caught..bol.

Back Later

Love ‘n’ Licks



Friday, 28 May 2010

Sneakin Around

Sorry but I have been very busy playing today and have not had time to sneak past Gramps pooter defences until now, while he is in bed growling to himself. So can’t stay long or I will Nanny up with my tip tapping on here. Will fill you all in tomorrow

Love ‘n’ Licks


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Fun ‘n’ Frolics is tiring

I am having major fun on my holiday, cousin Tommy was round yesterday and we played until we were pooped out. I was so worn out that I am still tired today so will not be a long post plus the fact Gramps is on the warpath with me keep using his pooter. He is so not impressed with me leaving dirty paw prints on his key-ma-jiggy-thing oh oh he’s coming gotta go.

Tatty Bye

           Love ‘n’ Licks



PS. Missing you too Daddy Steve big licks to you and see you soon

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

WW – Wordless Wednesday

My Family















Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Vacation Mode

I am on vacation at Nanny’s to spend some time with Nanny, Granddad, Daddy Ben and cousin Tommy. Mom is having a bit of a rough time at the moment with her jollop and I do really need a lot of walks and Mom isn’t up to it right now so I get a holiday. It will be good  as Daddy Ben is on school hols next week which means he will be home a lot to play and cousin Tommy ( he is a Cavi ) is great fun to play with and we have lots of fun. I do miss Mom , Daddy Steve and Molly though and wonder what they are up to but it won’t be for long and I will still see them which is good.

I will still try and post everyday but it depends whether I can sneak past Gramps to get on his pooter, I am sure I can manage it though Mom is always saying how smart I am.

Anyway that is all my news for now.

          Love ‘n’ Licks


Monday, 24 May 2010




        12 March 2000 - 24 May 2010


MAX 23.05.10

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report my friend Max in South Africa has crossed the rainbow bridge. Max had cancer and was given two weeks to live today would have been his 107th day of grace. He has fought his illness with dignity and poise but without diminishing his love of life and his family. I will miss reading his daily blog and so will my Mom and Molly well she has posted her blog already and has said what she wanted to about her hero. I send love and licks to Tammy & Toffee and to MaxMom thank you for sharing him with all of us we have enjoyed sharing your lives with you.

Run free dear friend.

Lots of love and licks



 can’t blog today as Granddad won’t let me use his pooter so I snuck on to let you all know . Sorry there is a lot going at my nanny’s house and it looks as if I am not going to be going home anytime soon.

Tatty Bye

           Love ‘n’ Licks


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Blog Hop Saturday

I am joining in the fun of The Saturday Blog Hop today I only hope I manage to do this right

petbloggerhoppinkcopy .

I am still at my Nanny's house as Molly is still under the weather but she is improving which is good to hear. Mom told me that she woken up at silly o'clock by strange barking only to find it was Molly so Mom and Daddy Steve raced down the stairs to find the postie. He had a parcel and in it was a super dooper light up gadget-y light up leash for Daddy Steve to take me out at night and keep me safe plus Daddy S loves all things techie and gadget-y.
Mom says she is feeling a bit poopy today ( which did make me BOL after the week she has had with my little problem and Molly having an upset tummy too ) but that is ‘cos’ she got jolloped up yesterday at the hopsital place. She has promised she is going to show me how to use the small picture box soon so I can put pictures I have taken with my own paws instead of ones she has taken so hopefully then I can put some funny ones of her on here. Until then though I will have to content myself with getting my paws on old ones from her many, many long years in the world I am hoping to find some dodgy ones of when she was a pup so watch this space as I have heard she was a funny looking puppy. Hope it doesn't ruin my treat privileges though .

For now I am going to content myself with posting this one of my Mom when she was a lot, lot, lot younger.


Hope it gives you a giggle.

Tatty Bye

              Love ‘n’ Licks


Friday, 21 May 2010

Blast got to be quick before I get caught

Well as you know I am at my Nanny’s house and I kept them awake a lot last night and I feel a bit guilty but I was so itchy and no I do not have any little bug-e-fied visitors I just get itchy skin. Nanny got me some special stuff to drink to try and help stop it today and I do hope it works. Mom said Molly is a little better today and I am so glad as I hate it when she isn’t well but Mom says we have to expect this because of the Cushions disease she has. I think that sucks for Molly Pops though and I don’t like it on her behalf.

I am not going to be able to post very long entries while here as Gamps get so miffed when I am on his laptop so I had better go now as he is coming.

Have a fabulous woofy weekend everyone.

Tatty Bye

               Love ‘n’ Licks


Thursday, 20 May 2010

No Post

today as my little/big sister is really poorly and it was upsetting me so much that Mom thought it would be best if I went to stay with my nanny.Will let you know how things go.

Please send healing vibes to my sis Molly.

Bye for now


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday


I am not going to rise to being baited by my big/little sister, I shall let her have her fun.

Enjoying the rays on her fur today




Bookends is what Mom says we are.


                 Love ‘n’ Licks



Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Blooming Cheeky Yorkie Girl

After all I have done for her teaching her to touch paw type and how to make pretty thing-a-ma-jigs for her blog and sharing my Mom and MY sofa with her she goes and does what she has. Her first post told everyone about a certain predicament I had today with what my Mom has named after a man with a wrinkled head called Woolf who is something named a Klingon in some weird thing on the picture box machine. Now I know I am not happy she has done this but to be honest I would have done the same thing to her and I suspect she did it to get her own back on me for my nose being a wee bit eager to sniff at her girly bits & bobs. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you though tee hee, I think she has learned from me far too well is all I can woof on the subject now. See how cheeky she is getting she not only hogs my sofa but she sits on my Mom and I know Mom is big but we can’t both fit on her !


My friend Dory has a new little brother called Jacob and he look like he is going keep her and Bilbo on their toes. I do wonder how I would have reacted if Mom had bought home someone younger and bouncier, if it had been before I met my cousin Tommy Mom would have thought I would not have enjoyed it but now I think she would say maybe it would be ok as we play so well together. Maybe she will think about getting me a brother ‘cos’ I think I would like that, to have someone to romp with. I didn’t think Mom or me realised it until Molly Pops came and I kept trying to get her to play with me. I think I am going to have to work my charm on her.

Anyway that is all for tonight and I shall be keeping my beady gorgeous brown eyes on Miss Molly Pops posts and I hope you all do too.

Tatty Bye

                 Love ‘n’ Licks


Monday, 17 May 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

Well my appetite returned this morning and I ate a hearty breakfast of chicken with the spiffy special powder on it Mom buys me, Molly didn’t eat as heartily as normal so she had something extra at noon she had a little pasta which she liked a lot… can’t say I am that keen myself though. It has been a fairly sunny & warm day today so The Divine Miss M had been in the nudey rudey today and she had a nice lay in the sun this morning. It’s alright for her she isn’t as hairy as me and I just get all hot and bothered but and that is a BIG BUT like my mom’s she is getting hairier well kind of. Her fur she has is getting longer and she is getting some fuzz where she didn’t have any before so she still has a long way to go. The visitor we had today said she may never get all her fur back but we said we didn’t care one bit ‘cos’ we love her as she is.

You are all wondering who our visitor is I bet ( well she caught Mom still in her pj’s at around four o’clock and boy was Mom embarrassed ). Well it was Eileen who looked after Molly before us and who co founded The Little Dog Rescue she popped in a collecting tin for Daddy Steve to put in Super Sue’s shop in Hythe.Eileen said Molly was looking really good and she could see she was happy with us and I have to admit Mom and I both felt relieved Eileen was pleased. I know I sometimes get a bit huffy and feel like I am being a bit left out but I do love Molly lots and so does Mom and Daddy Steve and I really don’t know what I would do if she left our home. It would not be the same without her.

Mom and I had a go at cutting the grass today as it was getting so long we almost disappeared from view when we went for a pee and as for Mom finding our poops well needle and haystack come to mind. Mom is regretting now as she is hurting but she says it doesn’t matter as long as things are right for me and Molly.

Anyway I can hear the stones outside crunching which means Daddy Steve is home so I am off.

Tatty Bye

             Love ‘n’ Licks


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lazy Sunday

I am still not feeling quite myself and Mom still can’t put her finger on what it is that ails me but she is looking after me well and has said she will take me to the Dr Blokey if I am not my usual self soon. Can’t say I am looking forward to that as I know he will stick that thing-a- ma-doo-dad up my behind and I really do not like that so hopefully I will feel better before that happens crossed-paws paws crossed anyway.

I forgot to tell you all that Molly went missing on Friday night Mom and Daddy Steve were yapping away to each other when Mom asked where Molly was and they could not find her, she wasn’t in the house and we could not see her in the garden but after calling her  a couple of times Mom her a noise on our top patio. Molly had taken herself into the garden and had somehow made her way up to the top patio and had got herself round the corner of the wall and could not find the steps back down. To say we were relieved would be putting it mildly, a big phew was said by all I can woof you.

Daddy Steve let Mom have a bit of a lay in this morning and when he woke her up he had some gn Molly had managed to get herself back over the wall from the lawn for the first time with no encouragement. This is a fantastic achievement for her and we are all very proud of her.

I used Mom’s picture machine and took a super piccy of her in the garden today and thought I would share it with you all, I think she looks so pretty in it, what do you think ?


Mom was a bit peeved with me for snaffling her picture machine but she soon forgave me when she saw the picture, she then took one of both of us and I really, really like this one.


Mom says we are the most bee-yoo-ti-ful doglets in the universe but then she would wouldn’t she ?

Mom, Molls and I have missed Daddy Steve this weekend as he has been out playing with his little people on both days and normally he is only out playing on one of them. But he should be home before long and he will get big luvs from us when he gets here. Mom has been looking a posh new tags for us both and she has seen some really lovely onespink_hearty_tag_03 purple_heart_circle_03 pink_circle_bone_03 purple_glitter_bone_circle_ but she isn’t sure which one she likes best yet however she says she really like this one for me im_not_fat_03 talk about a blooming cheek is all I can say. Hope you have all had a spiffy weekend.

Tatty Bye

          Love ‘n’ Licks


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Silent Saturday

I am having an off day today so I thought I would post some pix instead.

Photo0575 Molly had just come out of the bath and had her fur dried with Moms warm blowy thing-a-ma-wotsit.

Photo0574 She went all fluffy and looked very cute.

This is how The Divine Miss M eats her chews.Photo0572 Now it may just be me but I think it looks flippin uncomfy in my opinion.

And here she is again but on Daddy Steve’s knee


I am now going to eat my scrambled eggs and curl up for the night and hopefully I will feel more myself in the morning.

Tatty Bye

                  Love ‘n’ Licks



Friday, 14 May 2010

Fun Friday

Now I have some of my friends blogs I feel so much happier especially when I checked out their u toob channels here are the two videos that made me smile today

This is my friend Dory and her entry for the Pawdance film festival.

This just makes me woof with glee it is from Twinkie.

Tatty Bye

           Love ‘n’ Licks

                  A happier DTWP

Today I is mostly grumpy

Ohh the indignity of it all, woe is me I have had to suffer far to many assaults upon my person in the past few days, what with being squirted with anti itching spray, being bathed with girly smelling shampoo I have now had to suffer having my ear oles washed out with foul smelling ear cleaning stuff. I mean it’s not my fault I have hairy ears is it ? But I will admit they do get a bit sore from time to time but I had them plucked when I had my neck surgery so I thought I would be ok for a while and so did Mom. We were wrong Mom checked them last night as she and daddy Steve thought I looked sad and one of my ears was very hot and red which is why I have had them washed out last night and again this morning. It’s not fair ! But it does feel a lot better now, I know I hate having it done and I know it is for my own good but it still sucks big time. So I is feeling a bit small_grumpy-dogMainSafetyPage today.

I don’t feel like doing anything today so all I have to say to Mom is


luckily my Mom is very understanding and is extremely loving ( can you tell I am back tracking a bit now hehehehe )

Tatty Bye

              Love ‘n’ Licks


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Things that go bleuggghhhh in the night

Well last night wasn’t a bundle of laughs that’s for sure. Blooming Mom kept me awake ( which I admit it somewhat of a role reversal ) she was up and down all night making horrible noises in the bathroom she said she was talking to god on the porcelain telephone whatever that means. All I know is it sounded horrible and she looked more awful than normal. When we got up this morning she was feeling very sorry for herself but I can’t see why she didn’t have any Dr Bloke chopping any of her bits off like I did when I felt sorry for myself. But Daddy Steve stayed home to look after me and Molly as Mom was definitely not herself, Molly and I were well happy to have him home though and I know Mom was very pleased he was here even if she has been a grumbling Gertie.

Mind you talk about indignant Daddy Steve took me upstairs and had the temerity to give me a soaking in the big water thingy and he used a really girly smelling bubble bar on me, I thought that was well cheeky of him don’t you ? Still it has stopped me itching quite so much so maybe I should show a bit of gratitude I just hope he is not going to squirt me with the stinky spray like Mom keeps doing. I may have to get cross and have a growl at him if he does. I do look lovely and fluffy and very handsome and my fur is super soft according to Mom.

Anyway that is about it for me today I am off to roll around in some dirt and get myself smelling like the rufty tufty boy that I am.

Tatty Bye

              Love ‘n’ Licks


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday







Love ‘n’ Licks


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Twiddling Tuesday

Molly and me are  friends again today thankfully and we have had a nice day today. We have spent most of it snuggled up with Mom. I found a very interesting item on EBAY today and everyone should check it out after all every little helps.

Mom is a bit worried about me as I have the major itchy’s again and she has found a little scab type lump it is only tiny but that is how the last one started so she is going to ring the Dr man in the morning. I am very happy because my Daddy Steve is not going to the where ever it is he goes everyday. He has the day off to spend playing with me and Molls woohoo.

Even though it has been a nice snuggly day today there isn’t much for me to say today which is very unusual for me I know but I am not really feeling myself tonight what with the itching and the jumping out of my skin yesterday. So I will say nite nite to you all.

Tatty Bye


          Love ‘n’ Licks



Monday, 10 May 2010

I have a Boo-Boo

It is my own fault and I have no one to blame but myself even if it was Molly who gave me the owey, to be honest I don’t have a mark on me but it flipping well made me jump and squeal and made Mom scream like a big wuss from wussville. What happened is … I had been laying on Molly Pops bed chewing on a pigs ear as you do but then I got up to get an ear scratch from Mom again as you do. When I went to lay back down Molls was in my spot gnawing on my pigs ear……………………………… I only went to get it back and she bit me right on the hooter. Obviously I squealed then so did Mom and Daddy Steve just looked on slightly bemused. Mom gave me big cuddles and luvs but told me it was my own fault and Daddy Steve gave Molly a gentle talking to ( but I don’t think he sounded like he meant it ). If you saw Molls now you would think she looked such an angel but let me tell you she may be an older girl in a spotty dressPhoto0569 but  there is nothing wrong with her bite I can tell you. If she had meant it meanly though I am sure I would have teeth marks but I think she just wanted me to back off which I did and blooming fast I can tell you. Anyway it was more of a shock than anything and it will make me think twice about grabbing things off of a girl that’s for dang sure.

Tatty Bye


              Love ‘n’ Licks


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Home again

tonight and very tired after lots of chasing about with Tommy yesterday. He is very bouncy but he is ok but he would be far too much for Molly Pops. Nanny was worried about me because I have been a bit quiet today but like Mom told her I have had some major changes lately what with Molly moving in and now having to share my nanny and gramps it will take me a while to get used to it all. But Nan is a worry wort according to mom.

I am off to bed now as I am really worn out and I fancy a snuggle with my mom.

Tatty Bye

            Love ‘n’ Licks


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ohhhhhhh !

I have just read my friend Dory’s blog and found out about the Pawdance Film Fest and I think I am going to enter tonight. I am going to need to get Mom and Daddy Steve to help me choose which movie to enter but I rather like my nocturnal snow pup one

What do you all think ?

Mom seems to think I should enter this next one if there is a comedy category

I think that is a bit off though……… Silly Mom I always look cute even if I am wet through.

Molly thinks I should use this one, she hasn’t seen it obviously but she thinks everyone should see me in my first ever pool.

I would really like your thoughts one which one to use.

Tatty Bye ( for now )


           Love ‘n’ Licks


Friday, 7 May 2010

Funky Friday

Woohoo I have sneaked onto my Gramps pc he will get say I am well cheeky if he catches me. I have spoken to my Mom since she got back from the hopsital and she is ok tired but ok. She took Miss Molly out for her first trip to town before she started feeling all pants from her jollop. Molls went and met Chrissie at Kissiboo and she got bought a little red dress with white spots on it and I bet she will look super cute in it too.They met Daddy Steve for coffee before they came home. Molls and Mom are resting now as Molls is worn out from her trip and Mom is starting to feel a bit poopy now. At least Mom won’t have me bouncing all over her for a couple of days and Miss Molls gets Mom all to herself while I am away getting spoilt by Nanny. I get to meet my cousin Tommy tomorrow he belongs to my nanny’s sister, she has just bought herself something called a caravan. It is like a tin house, long and thin but comfy and good fun I stayed in one last year and had a great time. Tommy is a King Charles Cavalier and he is quite bouncy by all accounts and not to sure how much I am going to like that so watch this space.

My Mom has been a bit down in the dumps as she is getting very fed up with her treatment but hopefully it will be all over soon and she will slowly start to get back to her old self again. Then we will be going for walks on the beach and bone hunting with Daddy Steve. I think we may have to invest in a doggy stroller for Molly though as she won’t be able to cope with long walks and we are a family and we want to go out as one..

Anyway I can hear Gramps coming so I have to run now.

Tatty Bye


           Love ‘n’ Licks



Thursday, 6 May 2010

Thankful Thursday

Oh my goodness me, Mom was really tired when I woke her up so Daddy Steve got up with me so Mom could have another little sleep. After I had been downstairs for a while me and Daddy Steve took Mom a drink up and something very surprising happened I was on the bed with Mom and all of a sudden a little black nose poked up over the edge of the bed. My cheeky minx of a big/little sister had followed us up the stairs, now call me mean but upstairs is my special place with my Mom and I wasn’t too happy but Mom just cuddled me and said it’s ok and she got up and came downstairs with us all. It isn’t that I don’t want Molls upstairs but I like having a special private place with my Mom somewhere for just us. I am used to having my Mom all to myself and even though I love Molly Pops I do find it tough sharing my Mom sometimes and I do need MY time with her. Molly’s tummy has settled down again now I think her medicine has worked well and she has started feeling hungry again which is cool. We have been very worried about her while she was poorly and I am very glad she is better now. I am off to my nanny and granddad’s tomorrow as Mom has to go to the hopsital for her jollop, it will be nice for me to get a bit more spoilt at Nanny’s and it also means Molly gets Mom to herself for a couple of days so we all win . I went out for a little while with Mom and we met Daddy Steve from work and I was a bit of a pickle for Mom ( hehehehe ) . When we got back Miss Molly Pops had done the most monumental poop I have ever seen in the kitchen and she tiddled with excitement when we came in bless her. Mom didn’t fuss though she just cleaned up and carried on as normal. The Divine Miss M had a posh tea tonight, it was nature diet, pedigree mixer, chicken, boiled rice and polenta all in an effort to firm her outgoings up. All I can say thank goodness mine are ok ‘cos’ I really don’t fancy that at all, I like my chicken, nature diet and mixer thank you very much. Anyway I am off for my tea now as the ding machine has dinged which means the chicken is cooked nummy nummy is all I can say.

I will try and sneak onto Gramps’s pc at the weekend so I can post but he isn’t keen on me using it…… no idea why but he did moan that I left a soggy pigs ear next to his keyboard the last time I used it, Why that would be a problem is beyond me.

Tatty Bye

                    Love ‘n’ Licks


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday