Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Blooming Cheeky Yorkie Girl

After all I have done for her teaching her to touch paw type and how to make pretty thing-a-ma-jigs for her blog and sharing my Mom and MY sofa with her she goes and does what she has. Her first post told everyone about a certain predicament I had today with what my Mom has named after a man with a wrinkled head called Woolf who is something named a Klingon in some weird thing on the picture box machine. Now I know I am not happy she has done this but to be honest I would have done the same thing to her and I suspect she did it to get her own back on me for my nose being a wee bit eager to sniff at her girly bits & bobs. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you though tee hee, I think she has learned from me far too well is all I can woof on the subject now. See how cheeky she is getting she not only hogs my sofa but she sits on my Mom and I know Mom is big but we can’t both fit on her !


My friend Dory has a new little brother called Jacob and he look like he is going keep her and Bilbo on their toes. I do wonder how I would have reacted if Mom had bought home someone younger and bouncier, if it had been before I met my cousin Tommy Mom would have thought I would not have enjoyed it but now I think she would say maybe it would be ok as we play so well together. Maybe she will think about getting me a brother ‘cos’ I think I would like that, to have someone to romp with. I didn’t think Mom or me realised it until Molly Pops came and I kept trying to get her to play with me. I think I am going to have to work my charm on her.

Anyway that is all for tonight and I shall be keeping my beady gorgeous brown eyes on Miss Molly Pops posts and I hope you all do too.

Tatty Bye

                 Love ‘n’ Licks