Monday, 17 May 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

Well my appetite returned this morning and I ate a hearty breakfast of chicken with the spiffy special powder on it Mom buys me, Molly didn’t eat as heartily as normal so she had something extra at noon she had a little pasta which she liked a lot… can’t say I am that keen myself though. It has been a fairly sunny & warm day today so The Divine Miss M had been in the nudey rudey today and she had a nice lay in the sun this morning. It’s alright for her she isn’t as hairy as me and I just get all hot and bothered but and that is a BIG BUT like my mom’s she is getting hairier well kind of. Her fur she has is getting longer and she is getting some fuzz where she didn’t have any before so she still has a long way to go. The visitor we had today said she may never get all her fur back but we said we didn’t care one bit ‘cos’ we love her as she is.

You are all wondering who our visitor is I bet ( well she caught Mom still in her pj’s at around four o’clock and boy was Mom embarrassed ). Well it was Eileen who looked after Molly before us and who co founded The Little Dog Rescue she popped in a collecting tin for Daddy Steve to put in Super Sue’s shop in Hythe.Eileen said Molly was looking really good and she could see she was happy with us and I have to admit Mom and I both felt relieved Eileen was pleased. I know I sometimes get a bit huffy and feel like I am being a bit left out but I do love Molly lots and so does Mom and Daddy Steve and I really don’t know what I would do if she left our home. It would not be the same without her.

Mom and I had a go at cutting the grass today as it was getting so long we almost disappeared from view when we went for a pee and as for Mom finding our poops well needle and haystack come to mind. Mom is regretting now as she is hurting but she says it doesn’t matter as long as things are right for me and Molly.

Anyway I can hear the stones outside crunching which means Daddy Steve is home so I am off.

Tatty Bye

             Love ‘n’ Licks