Thursday, 13 May 2010

Things that go bleuggghhhh in the night

Well last night wasn’t a bundle of laughs that’s for sure. Blooming Mom kept me awake ( which I admit it somewhat of a role reversal ) she was up and down all night making horrible noises in the bathroom she said she was talking to god on the porcelain telephone whatever that means. All I know is it sounded horrible and she looked more awful than normal. When we got up this morning she was feeling very sorry for herself but I can’t see why she didn’t have any Dr Bloke chopping any of her bits off like I did when I felt sorry for myself. But Daddy Steve stayed home to look after me and Molly as Mom was definitely not herself, Molly and I were well happy to have him home though and I know Mom was very pleased he was here even if she has been a grumbling Gertie.

Mind you talk about indignant Daddy Steve took me upstairs and had the temerity to give me a soaking in the big water thingy and he used a really girly smelling bubble bar on me, I thought that was well cheeky of him don’t you ? Still it has stopped me itching quite so much so maybe I should show a bit of gratitude I just hope he is not going to squirt me with the stinky spray like Mom keeps doing. I may have to get cross and have a growl at him if he does. I do look lovely and fluffy and very handsome and my fur is super soft according to Mom.

Anyway that is about it for me today I am off to roll around in some dirt and get myself smelling like the rufty tufty boy that I am.

Tatty Bye

              Love ‘n’ Licks



Dory and the Mama said...

We hope your Mama feels better soon. I bet you look ever so fluffy and handsome after your bath, go roll around in the grass and you will smell manly n no time!!