Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Twiddling Tuesday

Molly and me are  friends again today thankfully and we have had a nice day today. We have spent most of it snuggled up with Mom. I found a very interesting item on EBAY today and everyone should check it out after all every little helps.

Mom is a bit worried about me as I have the major itchy’s again and she has found a little scab type lump it is only tiny but that is how the last one started so she is going to ring the Dr man in the morning. I am very happy because my Daddy Steve is not going to the where ever it is he goes everyday. He has the day off to spend playing with me and Molls woohoo.

Even though it has been a nice snuggly day today there isn’t much for me to say today which is very unusual for me I know but I am not really feeling myself tonight what with the itching and the jumping out of my skin yesterday. So I will say nite nite to you all.

Tatty Bye


          Love ‘n’ Licks