Monday, 10 May 2010

I have a Boo-Boo

It is my own fault and I have no one to blame but myself even if it was Molly who gave me the owey, to be honest I don’t have a mark on me but it flipping well made me jump and squeal and made Mom scream like a big wuss from wussville. What happened is … I had been laying on Molly Pops bed chewing on a pigs ear as you do but then I got up to get an ear scratch from Mom again as you do. When I went to lay back down Molls was in my spot gnawing on my pigs ear……………………………… I only went to get it back and she bit me right on the hooter. Obviously I squealed then so did Mom and Daddy Steve just looked on slightly bemused. Mom gave me big cuddles and luvs but told me it was my own fault and Daddy Steve gave Molly a gentle talking to ( but I don’t think he sounded like he meant it ). If you saw Molls now you would think she looked such an angel but let me tell you she may be an older girl in a spotty dressPhoto0569 but  there is nothing wrong with her bite I can tell you. If she had meant it meanly though I am sure I would have teeth marks but I think she just wanted me to back off which I did and blooming fast I can tell you. Anyway it was more of a shock than anything and it will make me think twice about grabbing things off of a girl that’s for dang sure.

Tatty Bye


              Love ‘n’ Licks



kalon said...

I may have been speaking gently, but I was giving Miss M a talking to. she mustn't shout at you when you want your things.