Sunday, 25 April 2010

Home again

Well I am home and Miss Molly was here when I got back she had her nose in her food bowl in the kitchen. So I had a mad run round having a good sniff at all the new beds that have appeared. Mom let Molly in and she came right towards so what did I do ? Did I Go and say hello ? No I ran away jumped on the sofa and hid behind Granddad like a complete wuss. I gradually got braver and came down when Mom took Molly in the garden for a wee and I followed them and promptly ran round peeing in all the places Molly has been and I somehow managed to wee on my front paw. What silly pupster I am . We have had a wander around and Molly did growl at me when my nose went to close to her girly wotnots so I hid behind Mom. I have a feeling she will tell me off if I get to forward with her but I am only young still so I will learn I guess. I do have the advantage in that I can get on the window sill and Molly can’t, I can also get out in the garden a lot easier than her but I think in time she will be fine with the steps and will be chasing out with me. I have had a cuddle on Mom’s lap and Molly was on the sofa next to Mom .

YAY Molly just went down the back door step all on her own she is so clever and so brave I think I would want Mom to carry me everywhere but not The Divine Miss M she is an independent lady I think. Mom has just told me Molly started to have a wee and then smelt where I had been earlier so she walked while still weeing to where I had been. I think we are going to have a competition who make make the most smells in the garden. Mom says when she gets some good pictures of both us I can put some on here. I think we will get on just fine. Ohhhhh she has just pinched my big chew the minxy madam

Anyway I am off for snuggles with Mom now.

Tatty Bye


             Love ‘n’ Licks




Dory and the Mama said...

Welcome home Molly!!


Coyote Ugly said...

Molly says Thank you, I have told her about you and descrobed what you look like and she thinks you sound super spiffy

DTWP x x & Miss M x x