Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Divine Miss M

Well I finally saw Miss Molly last night and she looks luvvly, she is not what you would call classically beautiful but she has a cheeky face and a glint in her eyes like mine. The fact she can’t see does not matter at all. Mom went and collected her special shirt today and it is a very girly pink with silver words on. She also bought a nice new dog bed big enough for two Wooffooo ! I am off to my nanny’s tomorrow as Mom has to go have her jollop at the hopsital and she is usually a bit sore afterwards so I stay at nanny’s so I don’t bounce her. I can’t say I mind as I have great fun getting chased by granddad round the garden. Mom has told me he has planted some new flowers so I get to eat the colourful bits off them it really annoys granddad and makes him chase me which makes my nanny laugh so much she almost tinkles. Whoops she won’t be pleased I told you all that, hopefully she won’t find out though.

Before I go I want to share another picture of The Divine Miss Molly

molly 5

She does look like she enjoys a tummy rub don’t you think?

Tatty Bye


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