Wednesday, 21 April 2010

If there are ten cats on a boat and one jumps off, how many cats are left on the boat? None! They were copy cats.

Well Nanny and Granddad turned up very early Mom wasn’t even out of bed ( although we had already been up at silly o’ clock as usual but we went back to bed ‘cos’ I was chilly ) and Daddy Steve hadn’t left for that place he goes every day. They took me to the fur-dresser and dropped me off. Boy did Mom feel silly as she realised that Miss Molly’s vet is at the same place as the fur-dresser talk about a paid-for-by-lemon-growers-to-foster-lemon-awareness . Anyway I had a blast there lots of doglets to talk to which was nice. Thankfully I have not ended up looking like a teddy bear but Mom asked her to do it shorter than I have had. She say she wants to see my adorable little face for longer and it does look rather nice even if I do woof so myself. What do you think ?

2 I was tired after all that being fussed over.

my new do

Do you think this ‘do’ makes my nose look big?


I won’t be able to blog on Friday as I am staying at Nanny’s because Mom is at the hospital in the morning and Miss Molly arrives in the afternoon and Mom thinks it may be easier for The Divine Miss M to get her bearings a little easier without me here and I don’t mind too much because I get mega spoiled at Nanny’s house. I get to meet her on Saturday and I am very nervous about meeting her as I am not a very confident doglet. Hopefully Miss M will help me with that as I have heard she is quite independent once she has worked out where all the furniture is.

I have had a lovely snuggle with Mom tonight and Daddy Steve took a picture and I really like but I know Mom won’t but I will let you decide for yourself ( no treats for me for a few days for doing this…………… Mom will not be happy about it )

Photo209 I do love my mom and my Mom loves me too.

On that note I am off for a piddle in the garden now.

I just checked on TLDR and there are pictures of Miss Molly at last and Oh my I have a crush she is so lovely, I have a feeling we will get on just fine

Miss Molly 1  May I introduce The Divine Miss Molly

Tatty Bye


                 Love ‘n’ Licks



A man runs into the vet clinic with his dog. The doctor says "What seems to be the problem?" The man, frantic, says, "Well, he just isn't acting right, Doc. Can you do something for him?" At this point, a cat comes sauntering into the room. The cat walks in a circle around the dog, checking him out. "Oh, don't mind him, that's my cat", says the doctor. "Anyway, your dog seems to be okay now. Take these pills and give them to him once a day. Call if you have any more problems."

Well, the dog recovered nicely. A few days later, the man receives the vet's bill in the mail. $10.00 for medicine, $450.00 for lab tests.

The man rushes to the phone-calls the doctor.

"Doctor! This bill! I'm sure you didn't run any lab tests! I don't understand! What's the $450.00 for??"

The doctor replies, "Oh, sure, that's for the cat scan."