Monday, 3 May 2010

Dr Doog’s is on call

It has been a long day today so not going to be a long post tonight. Mom is very tired as she was up very early with me and Molls. Molls still had a runny tummy last night but not as bad as before. She a good breakfast of rice and nature diet food and she was a lot brighter thankfully ( I was very worried for my big/little sister ). Mom has kept Molls on the half dose of her insoolin jection as it seems fine. Molls is not drinking excessively or weeing more so Mom thinks it will be ok until we hear about Molls test results later in the week.

Uncle Fred & Aunty Wilma came visiting today which was great I love it when they come and I know Mom & Daddy Steve do too.

Miss Molly is still wearing my Mummy’s boy shirt as she does feel the cold and she looks kinda cute in it too. Mom gave her a bath today as her rear end was a bit whiffy and when she was all wet what fur she had went almost invisible and she looked really, really small. I have to say this though for a little tiny cute lady Molly really has got a stinky bum,Her bottom pops make Mom’s eyes water and she stinks the house out. Even though I don’t like the pong it makes me laugh to see the look on Mom’s face when the smell hits her nose.

I am off to bed now .

Tatty Bye

                    Love ‘n’ Licks