Sunday, 2 May 2010

Just call me Doogie Bowser MD

I woke Mom up at 4am as I needed a wee but she was fine with it and we came right back to bed until 8 which was a far more civilised time to get up on a Sunday morning. When we got downstairs a bit of a pong hit us and we thought oh-oh, The were big puddles ( yes puddles ) of poop on the floor. My big/little sis isn’t well. Mom called Daddy Steve down to keep his eye on us while she cleaned up. She then boiled up some rice for Molly as that is good for upset tums. Trouble was Molls didn’t want to eat or drink anything so Mom was worried about giving her her insoolin jection. But after Mom and Daddy Steve had spoken to Eileen and Chris from LDR and a bit of research on the net Molls had a reduced dose of her jection. Molls also had some anti poop medicine but she sicked that up. She has spent most of the day snuggled under a blankie sleeping and Mom has been giving her water from a syringe so she didn’t get d-hide-rated. She still had a runny behind though and Mom got some advice from the vet which made her relax a little. Molly’s Cushion tablets can help her sweet stuff levels which means she would not need so much insoolin. So we need to wait for her test results. She managed to drink some water all by herself this afternoon and she has now eaten some rice with nature diet in it. I have been very worried about her and have spent most of the day laying on the sofa backrest watching over her. My Molly takes everything in her stride though, I would have been a right whinger if it had been me.

I am off now back to watch over my sis.

Tatty Bye


               Love ‘n’ Licks




kalon said...

You have been a briliant little brother today, I'm sure Miss Molly really likes having you watch over her whilst she's poorly, and it was very kind of you to lend Miss M your t-shirt so as she didn't too cold in the rain. :o) xx