Thursday, 6 May 2010

Thankful Thursday

Oh my goodness me, Mom was really tired when I woke her up so Daddy Steve got up with me so Mom could have another little sleep. After I had been downstairs for a while me and Daddy Steve took Mom a drink up and something very surprising happened I was on the bed with Mom and all of a sudden a little black nose poked up over the edge of the bed. My cheeky minx of a big/little sister had followed us up the stairs, now call me mean but upstairs is my special place with my Mom and I wasn’t too happy but Mom just cuddled me and said it’s ok and she got up and came downstairs with us all. It isn’t that I don’t want Molls upstairs but I like having a special private place with my Mom somewhere for just us. I am used to having my Mom all to myself and even though I love Molly Pops I do find it tough sharing my Mom sometimes and I do need MY time with her. Molly’s tummy has settled down again now I think her medicine has worked well and she has started feeling hungry again which is cool. We have been very worried about her while she was poorly and I am very glad she is better now. I am off to my nanny and granddad’s tomorrow as Mom has to go to the hopsital for her jollop, it will be nice for me to get a bit more spoilt at Nanny’s and it also means Molly gets Mom to herself for a couple of days so we all win . I went out for a little while with Mom and we met Daddy Steve from work and I was a bit of a pickle for Mom ( hehehehe ) . When we got back Miss Molly Pops had done the most monumental poop I have ever seen in the kitchen and she tiddled with excitement when we came in bless her. Mom didn’t fuss though she just cleaned up and carried on as normal. The Divine Miss M had a posh tea tonight, it was nature diet, pedigree mixer, chicken, boiled rice and polenta all in an effort to firm her outgoings up. All I can say thank goodness mine are ok ‘cos’ I really don’t fancy that at all, I like my chicken, nature diet and mixer thank you very much. Anyway I am off for my tea now as the ding machine has dinged which means the chicken is cooked nummy nummy is all I can say.

I will try and sneak onto Gramps’s pc at the weekend so I can post but he isn’t keen on me using it…… no idea why but he did moan that I left a soggy pigs ear next to his keyboard the last time I used it, Why that would be a problem is beyond me.

Tatty Bye

                    Love ‘n’ Licks



Dory and the Mama said...

Have a great weekend Doog!