Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Teeth,tums and runny bums

I got Mom up this morning and when we went downstairs my sis had pooped a lot and some of it was red. So Mom took Molly Pops to the vet and she now has even more medicines she will rattle soon.  My poor big/little sis has some nasty things in her mouth as well and they are what is giving her serious dog breath, Mom says they are called aby-sess and she may need to have toothy peg work done in the future. She didn’t want any breakfast or lunch so neither did I ( I can afford to lose a little bit ). While Molls was resting this afternoon Mom took me on a bus to town as she had to pick up a shirt for me and one for Molls that fitted so I now have a nice turquoise shirt with ‘I am cute ‘ in sparkly words and Moll has one in same colour that says Daddy’s girl.  Chrissie the super lady who owns Kissiboo gave Molly a lovely pink coat with flowers on and me a security guard hoodie I am going to look so tough well I will try anyway. I don’t think Mom is feeling too good today as she looks tired but I have not had my funny feeling so I know she is not going to have a wobble but I will keep my eye on her all the same. She says I am her superstar ‘cos’ I know when she is going to wobble and I warn her so she can sit or lay down. Now Mom thinks I do it to stop her hurting herself ……. No way my Mom is a big woman and if she fell on me that would blooming hurt me so I am doing it to save me getting squished but don’t tell Mom it won’t do to upset her seeing as she is the one that feeds me.

While we were out Molls ate my lunch but that is fine as long as she eats something and she is now curled up in one of her beds sleeping and I am rather sleepy too now. I think that is all for now but will get Mom or Daddy Steve to take some pictures of us in our new clothes .

Tatty Bye

                Love ‘n’ Licks