Friday, 7 May 2010

Funky Friday

Woohoo I have sneaked onto my Gramps pc he will get say I am well cheeky if he catches me. I have spoken to my Mom since she got back from the hopsital and she is ok tired but ok. She took Miss Molly out for her first trip to town before she started feeling all pants from her jollop. Molls went and met Chrissie at Kissiboo and she got bought a little red dress with white spots on it and I bet she will look super cute in it too.They met Daddy Steve for coffee before they came home. Molls and Mom are resting now as Molls is worn out from her trip and Mom is starting to feel a bit poopy now. At least Mom won’t have me bouncing all over her for a couple of days and Miss Molls gets Mom all to herself while I am away getting spoilt by Nanny. I get to meet my cousin Tommy tomorrow he belongs to my nanny’s sister, she has just bought herself something called a caravan. It is like a tin house, long and thin but comfy and good fun I stayed in one last year and had a great time. Tommy is a King Charles Cavalier and he is quite bouncy by all accounts and not to sure how much I am going to like that so watch this space.

My Mom has been a bit down in the dumps as she is getting very fed up with her treatment but hopefully it will be all over soon and she will slowly start to get back to her old self again. Then we will be going for walks on the beach and bone hunting with Daddy Steve. I think we may have to invest in a doggy stroller for Molly though as she won’t be able to cope with long walks and we are a family and we want to go out as one..

Anyway I can hear Gramps coming so I have to run now.

Tatty Bye


           Love ‘n’ Licks




kalon said...

missing you little pup!