Thursday, 15 April 2010

If there is H2O on the inside of a fire hydrant, what is on the outside? K9P.

It has been an extra nice day today because Daddy Steve was home and not at that place he goes to when not here. I love it when he is home as I get extra luvs and that’s always good. My throat is healing up very nicely after my surgery last Friday and mom says it is because I am being so good about having my cream put on it. The dry bit has almost come off now and once it has gone mom says it won’t itch so much. Mom went to see Chris today to order a special T shirt for Miss Molly to let people know she can’t see so they don’t frighten her by going straight in to stroke her. I did suggest it said seeing eye human on it but mom said no ( I think her decision sucks ). I am very apprehensive about having another doglet here and I expect I may sulk a little bit at first but I will come round and it will be nice to have a friend to snuggle up with. I have to go see the Dr man tomorrow for my post surgery check up and I am not looking forward to that ( I still have never forgiven him for the thing he poked up my behind once ) but I am sure he will give me a clean bill of health now.

I have found some wonderful blogs written by other doglets and am reading them with great interest it’s nice to find out about other countries from a doglets eye view. Anyway mom has her tea now so I am going to give her the look and see what happens.

Tatty Bye


                     Love ‘n’ Licks




kalon said...

Well Doogs, we found out you like pears and flapjack, but you is not too keen on oranges. but you are the bestest pup.

Coyote Ugly said...

but only small pieces Daddy Steve or it would not be good for me......... Mom says so and you know what she is like

kalon said...

never, ever argue wiv moms!

MAX said...

Hey there!
Thank you for visiting our blog...its always nice to make new friends!
I hope your sore neck heals up real fast. Your T-shirt sounds cool too!