Sunday, 11 April 2010

Today I is ……

celebrating as it is my moms burfday and I am not allowed to tell anyone how old she is but she is ancient I can say that. I am getting to stay another night at nanny and granddad’s which is always fun and I get extra spoiled. My throat is not as sore as it was but I really don’t like having the cream put on but granddad bribes me with corned beef nommy ! Granddad chased me round the garden today as I was trying to eat his plants but I only did it so he would chase me ‘cos’ it is great fun and it makes nanny laugh very much. Even though I love it here at nanny’s I am looking forward to going home tomorrow as I do miss my mom and daddy Steve and I know I will get mahoosive luvs when I get back and I do like my luvs !

Tatty bye

              Love ‘n’ licks

                         DTWP    killer