Saturday, 17 April 2010

They say the dog is man's best friend. I don't believe that. How many of your friends have you neutered?

Well I was a pickle last night according to Mom, I was a bit of a whinge monster, I always am when Daddy Steve isn’t here. Home doesn’t feel right without him here that is for sure. When I finally was ready for bed Mom was asleep before her head hit the pillow although I had rather a gassy bottom in the night and the smells I was producing kept waking her up again tee hee . I woke up at 7-30 which meant so did Mom luckily she doesn’t mind too much so we toddled downstairs and had a little snackette and had a trip into the garden while Mom had coffee. So we sat and chilled for a while before I decided to go back up to bed on my own. Mom came up after a little while to find me snuggled in the middle of the bed with my head on a dinosaur. So she just snuggled in with us and we all had another sleep which was just as well ‘cos’ mom has once of those head achy things. Nanny had the cheek to wake us up by ringing moms talky thing, I mean she should know better at her age really wouldn’t you think? Still we have had a nice snuggly sort of day which is always lovely and I am making the most of Mom whilst I have her to myself. I think Miss Molly will be with us sometime next week as she has to go back to the dr vet man. I feel so sorry she is having to see so much of him but I am going to get her a nice welcome here toy for when she arrives I do hope she will like it and that she will like me too. I am nervous about meeting her what if she doesn’t like ? What on earth will I do then ? I will just have to be on my best behaviour and make a good impresshun on her.

Mom smells odd at the moment she had some smelly fishy thing for lunch with some of her home made bread and I scrounged some of the bread dipped in the juice and it was nommy even if it did smell all hinky. Daddy Steve will be here in an hour or so and I am going to give him mahoosive luvs when he gets here ‘cos’ I have missed him and I am going to snuggle with him when he watches the show he likes on the tele box. I don’t understand it really it’s about a man with a blue box and a funny thing he waves around and it lights up but he likes it so I am happy to snuggle and watch it with him. I am going to go now as I need to go out in the garden now, have a nice weekend everyone.

Tatty Bye

                 Love ‘n’ Licks