Friday, 16 April 2010

Wowsers !

Big yay the vet man says I am discharged and he didn’t stick the poky thing anywhere near my behind PAWESOME ! I left there with a spring in my step I can tell you hopefully not to return for a long, long time. I saw Nanny, Granddad and Daddy Ben which was super but I was very miffed with mom ‘cos’ she bought me home and I wanted a sleepover. I stamped my paw and gave her the I am so not happy with you right now growl and shock horror it didn’t work ! What gives ? I think it because Daddy Steve is not home tonight so she wants me all to herself also Molly should be with us very soon ( paws crossed ) so a bit of mom and pup bonding is in order me thinks. She isn’t a bad mom as moms go, she feeds me chicken, baths me with the nicest smelling smelly stuff she can find, she gets my hair done regularly so I look beeyootiful and she does let me under the duvet. All in all I do alright but I am going to have to get used to sharing her though and I am almost positive I may have one or two tantrums but I am so cool she will forgive me. After all she forgave my when I pulled the eyes out of her armadillo and if she can forgive me that she will forgive me anything.

I have some new readers thank to a nice lady at TLDR forum she thought my ponderings were were jolly so thank you for telling other peeps for me new readers are always welcome. I have readers from the USA, Germany, South Africa, Canada and all over the UK so thank you all for coming and I hope you do come back again. I am off now ‘cos’ Mom is running a bath and if she thinks she is getting in it on her own she has another thing coming…………. Here I come Geronimo ! !

Tatty Bye

               Love ‘n’ Licks




I almost forgot my cunning plan to get my mom back. Everyone always says she is a right lemon so I thought I would prove it

Snapshot_20100416_4 My Mom the Lemon


Dory and the Mama said...

Mom time is always good Doog! We are glad that you got released from the vet!!