Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Today I is mostly…………….

Chewing, I have woken up in a very chewy mood for some reason. Luckily Mom has lots of things for me to chew or I would be nibbling her fingers and her shoelaces and she would rather I didn’t do that. She deserted me a while ago to nip into town to meet Nanny and Daddy Ben for a coffee I wasn’t impressed when she left and I made it very plain that I wasn’t. It always works she came back with a new toy for me, I have her wrapped round my tiny paw and she knows that I know. Since she has been back she has given mucho fuss and luvs which is just as it should be in my opinion. She also phoned Chris from Kissiboo to let her know we are going to be fostering as she got her doglets from TLDR, Mom told her about Molly and that we will need to come and get some coats for her and she has offered to give Miss Molly some things which was lovely of her and will help a lot. I can’t wait for Daddy Steve to get home I really miss him when he isn’t here and I know Mom does too but obviously I miss him the most because I always feel things much more than hoomans do as I am a sensitive wee soul. Well thats what Mom says anyway. Now I must rouse Mom into getting me some more chicken as I am feeling a tad peckish again so I will be off now to harass her .

Tatty Bye

               Love ‘n’ Licks