Monday, 12 April 2010

Today I am…………………

at home Yippee ! I got big luvs when I got home and was I surprised you betcha I was ‘cos’ Daddy Steve was home too. I expected him to be at that place he goes when he isn’t here but woohoo he was home just to see me ! Mom was shocked when she saw my neck it looks worse than it is though.

Mom was telling nanny and granddad about the new doglet that is coming to stay her name is Molly and she is 12 so an older lady so at least I won’t get bounced on. She can’t see very well either so I will have to take her around the house to show her where everything is. She has something wrong with her either the sugary thing like Daddy Steve has or something called cushions ( I thought that was something I chew on ) but Mom will know more when she arrives here. I am a bit nervous if I am honest as I have never lived with another doglet but it should be fine. Mom has made her a little picture like she has done for me and I am showing you so you can see what sort of a doglet she is.  lunapic_127109173647185_5 I think she looks pretty don’t you. Well I am off for snuggles with Mom now while I have her all to myself

Tatty Bye

             Love ‘n’ Licks